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i will be posting different diys and some diy nails
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Some more nails I did. Ice cream and butterflies. Make sure to check out my nail art instagram account @nailzzrus

Cute pac man and popcorn nails.

Paint thumb, pointer finger and pinky finger white
Paint middle and ring finger red
Thumb- take a striper and red paint and make vertical lines close together.
Mix a yellow, brown and white paint together to make the right colour for the popcorn and dot it at the bottom of nail.
Pointer finger-
Take a black polish and carefully write the word “POP!”
Middle finger-
Using the same yellow brown and white polish, make a big kernel shape by making three circle shapes that connect together
Ring finger-
Make little kernels all around the nail
Same as the ring finger.

Pac man-
Paint all nails black
Thumb left hand- using a striper and a yellow polish make the open mouth of pac man and fill in the rest of circle. Add a black dot for the eye
Rest of fingers on left hand-
Create a zig zag pattern at tip of nails and fill it in using the pac man ghost colours. Make two medium sized white dots and two small black dots

Right hand-all but ring finger-
Paint small yellow dots
Ring finger-
Paint two red dots next to eachother and connect with two red lines

diy lip scrub →

This is a great tutorial and a very great lip scrub. Go check out the youtube channel

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